Doc Bud's High-Brix Blend, also referred to as "The Kit", is the only top-to-bottom fertilizer system on the market that specifically focuses on increasing nutrient-density in your plants as it's goal.

The Kit contains dry treatments, foliar sprays, and root drenches that act together as a system, truly standing in a category of their own on the market.  

Easy to use, The Kit is great for beginners and experienced growers alike looking to grow heavy yield, connoisseur grade cannabis.

After years of laboratory-led adjustments and climate-controlled testing, we are proud to provide our friends with what is an easy, repeatable way to grow the strongest, highest-quality cannabis possible today—period.


When you order the full Kit you'll receive a suite of dry treatments, foliar sprays, and root drenches. You'll need to purchase a base soil and any needed garden supplies separately.


Learn more about Nutrient Density. If you want to grow the best produce in the world, get your plants to express their full genetic potential and enjoy the dankest, most terpene-laden harvest, there are four key things that simply must be present. 


We wash everything else we consume, don't we?

So why do we use the kit?

Everyone has their own reason for using The Kit. Some are after repeatable, consistent quality; some have found it difficult to grow something we're truly proud of; some of us believe we should only consume the best and are thus forever driven in our quest to challenge apathetic consumerism.

To this day, some of the best cannabis we’ve ever grown or sampled ourselves was made using The Kit. Following our instructions to-the-letter you too can grow connoisseur grade cannabis at home, in the greenhouse, or in your backyard.