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Doc Bud's


Minerals, Microbes & Magic

The Kit

Doc Bud's High-Brix Blend, also referred to as "The Kit," is the only top-to-bottom fertilizer system on the market that specifically focuses on increasing nutrient-density in your plants as it's goal.

The Kit contains dry treatments, foliar sprays, and root drenches that act together as a system, truly standing in a category of its own on the market. Easy to use, The Kit is great for beginners and experienced growers alike looking to grow heavy yield, connoisseur-grade cannabis. After years of laboratory-led adjustments and climate-controlled testing, we are proud to provide our friends with what is an easy, repeatable way to grow the strongest, highest-quality cannabis possible today—period. 

Dry Amendments

Foundational to our nutrient-dense growing program is a highly mineralized soil. Our dry treatments have been very carefully created to work with specific soils, helping those soils achieve an optimal High-Brix balance.


In High-Brix growing, drenches do far more than feed the soil, they signal to the plant when to grow or re-produce, and they keep the biology in the soil happy and productive. This is where the “Magic" happens!

Foliar Sprays

Foliar Sprays are how we feed the roots of the plant. It sounds counter-intuitive, but when the stomata on our plants’ leaves absorb nutrition from a foliar spray, the good stuff gets sent down to the roots.

Doc’s Philosophy


Four Foundations of Brix

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