Watering for Maximum Root Health

Generally speaking, we try to let the containers go dry between waterings/drenches in the vegetative cycle of the plant.

By 'completely dry', we mean that the first physical signs of "wilting" are present. These may include droopy leaves, loss of turgor, noticeably lighter containers, etc.


When the containers are dry as described, do this:

  1. Prepare a tub/bucket of water such that when you submerge a dry container from above, the water level is 3/4ths up to the level of the soil. If using a drench, mix it TWICE AS STRONG AS NORMAL.
  2. Submerge the containers and let them soak and wick up the drench for 5 minutes or so. When removing the containers from the soaking bucket/tub, tilt them this way and that in order to drain as much liquid out as possible.

The pressure of submerging in this way draws air in from above which the plants absolutely love. This method will result in stronger stems, robust roots, shorter internodal spacings, and better leaf to calyx ratios. In other words: good weed.