Utilizing Soil Drenches

Get the appropriate containers ready for the given root-drench, and remember, Tea goes in with each and every drench.

We like mixing in 5 gallon buckets, but if you need more or less water for your plants, please consult the Cheat Sheet for the appropriate amount of Drench. Once measured, the Drench is added (with the appropriate amount of Tea!) and mixed with water as a solution in the bucket.  From here, the solution is gently applied to the soil until the soil is adequately hydrated.  

If you started your plant from seed--nicely done! This is how we prefer to grow when possible. That said, we stick with water--and water alone--until our little seedlings or clones have 3-5 internodes or more of growth.   If things seem stalled or unhealthy, it's almost always because the roots and the soil aren't quit "hooked up," and in this case a very weak dose of Transplant Drench (with Tea) will put things right. 

The first real drench the plants get should be Transplant....at full strength.