Utilizing Your Foliar Sprays

Fill your spray bottle with water; for most folks, ½ quart is plenty to completely cover their plants (focusing on the undersides of the leaves) in a fine mist. 

Then, measure the appropriate amount of Brix, De-Stress, or Leaf Wash into the bottle depending on where you are in your grow schedule. Shake and apply to your plants immediately. For a video on how we do it, see below.

Only De-Stress may be stored for up to 1 week in the fridge. While any spraying/misting device can be made to work, generally speaking the finer the mist the better.

Did you know?

A good foliar spray will include phosphate in its nutrient package.
Phosphates are the energy source in ATP
ATP drives the Krebs cycle in plants.
Increasing phosphates in the plant through foliar spraying allows the Krebs cycle to transfer more energy within the plants.

This allows the plant to be more efficient in storing energy as sugars from the process of photosynthesis.

Some of these additional sugars are sent down to the roots which excrete exudates. These root exudates act as a food source for the bacterial colonies around the roots. These bacteria respond to the extra food by making more minerals available to the plant--which is happy to absorb the additional nutrients and minerals, increasing the total dissolved solids in the plant.

This registers as a rise in brix.