Doc Bud’s High-Brix Blend Kit is a growing system specifically designed to produce nutrient dense, High-Brix cannabis. The Kit is designed to treat 42 gallons of soil. It contains:

Here you’ll also find the knowledge and methods necessary for any gardener, even beginners, to produce connoisseur quality cannabis AT HOME.

We are happy to provide full support on all of our products, for any customer, at any time.

Some basic supplies you’ll need Before you start growing:

  1. 3.8 cu.ft. bale of soil (Promix HP, BX myco, or Sunshine#4)

  2. 20-40 lbs organic worm castings that show NPK of zero K. (ie: 1-1-0 or 1-0-0)

  3. Proper growing environment

  4. Growing pots. (if indoors)
    7 gallon pot is the MINIMUM size container that will perform properly.
    *Larger containers are better.

  5. Spray bottle capable of putting out a fine spray.

  6. Filtered or reverse osmosis water

Please note:  At this time The Kit is designed for Promix HP Myco and Sunshine #4 only!

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Foundational to our nutrient-dense growing program is a highly mineralized soil.  Our dry treatments have been very carefully created to work with specific soils, helping those soils achieve an optimal High-Brix “balance”.


Foliar Sprays are how we feed the roots of the plant.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but when the stomata on our plants’ leaves absorb nutrition from a foliar spray, the good stuff gets sent down to the roots.


Root Drenches are how we feed the soil.  It’s important to understand that while our goal is High-Brix produce, we feed the soil. When we nurture a mineralized soil with the appropriate root drenches, incredible results can be expected.

Below is the User Guide that will come with your kit.