DocBud's High Brix Blend: An Overview

 DocBud's High brix Blend - Click to Open in shop

DocBud's High brix Blend - Click to Open in shop

Before getting started using the kit, you will need the following:

  1. 3.8 cu ft bale of soil (use ProMix HP or BX myco, OR Sunshine #4)
  2. 20-40 pounds of organic worm castings that show an NPK of zero K. (IE  1-1-0 or 1-0-0)
  3. A proper growing environment
  4. basic gardening skills
  5. 7 gallon pots. Please note that 7 gallons is the MINIMUM size container that will perform properly. Larger containers are better.
  6. A sprayer capable of putting out a fine spray. 

The Products:

Root Drenches

  • Growth Ionic Drench: This product increases soil energy and provides vegetative growth energy and bulking of fruit and flowers once formed.

  • Transplant: This product slightly favors reproductive growth of seeds, flowers and fruit. It is used to feed the microbial colony in the soil mostly, but it also boosts reproductive growth to some extent.

  • Cationic Drench: This product increases soil energy, highly favors reproductive growth and provides cations and the ammonia form of nitrogen, which strongly stimulate fruiting and flowering, as well as seed production.

  • Tea: This is a liquid humate product loaded with beneficials. It is mixed with each feeding at the rate of 1 ml per gallon of drench - generally speaking. A small splash in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket tends to do the trick.

Start all Root Drenches with a 5-gallon bucket filled with clean water, and mix in about 30 milligrams of drench. For raised beds and hose-end sprayers, use 1 to 3 ounces of drench per 30 square feet of space. Stronger applications can be applied without harm for the “heavy feeders.”  

When dunking the plants in the vegetative phase (or if you're fortunate enough to be able to dunk them in bloom) mix everything at double strength.

Foliar Sprays:

  • Brix: Sprayed every week to 10 days, this product encourages reproductive growth and essential oil and resin production. Brix foliar should not be skipped, even if the plants look perfect.  Use 1 oz Brix mixed into a quart of water. Do not store the prepared Brix foliar.  Use it up the same day it is mixed.

  • De-Stress: This product helps plants heal, deal with stress and provides a broad spectrum of trace minerals. This can be sprayed 1-2 times per week when there are signs of plant stress. If the plants look "perfect" there is no reason to spray with De-Stress. Also, mixed at 50% strength it helps high brix clones root much faster.  DeStress is mixed at ½ oz per quart of water.   DeStress can be saved in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.  Always smell it before using if you have stored some.

  • Snake Oil: a micronutrient foliar boost.  Use this once or twice during the bloom phase for strains that do well in hydroponics.   Add 1/4 ounce Snake Oil to 1 oz Brix in 1 quart of water and spray as usual.  This product can also be used by ALL gardeners, including hydroponic and salt based nutrient growers, but it must be mixed with Dextrose.  Please contact us regarding this if you need Dextrose.

  • Leaf Wash (Coming Soon)

Foliar sprays can be mixed right in the spray bottle you will use to apply to your plants. Mix in a few ounces of spray into clean water, and apply to the undersides of the leaves of each plant.

Dry Treatments:

  • Amendment: This product is mixed evenly into the bale of Promix, watered, and allowed to "cook" in a barrel for a minimum of 30 days in order to get the soil ready for planting. 

  • Roots!: This is a microbial inoculate. Apply a light dusting on rootballs during transplanting and a 1 teaspoon at the bottom of each hole where seeds are planted. Apply 1 tablespoon per transplanted cutting, sprinkled in and around the hole. More can be used when transplanting from the Vegetating area to the Flowering containers. Water with 1/4 strength of Transplant after the first application of Roots!.

  • Re-Charge: This product is similar to Amendment, but has a few additions and ommisions. It is designed to be top dressed during the 3rd week of the bloom cycle. For outdoors, apply Re-charge when buds have set. It's best to scratch it into the top layer of soil and gently water it in to avoid soil compaction.

  • Third Run: Apply this before utilizing your soil for the third time. Mix in with earthworm casings (not included), and distribute evenly in the used soil. Allow the mixture to "cook" for 30 days prior to planting.

Dry treatments are applied generously to the soil during the appropriate application of each product.