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 Nice work, Neiko! 

Nice work, Neiko! 

 2.6%  - bravo!

2.6%  - bravo!

Shiggityflip  - 6/23/2017, 420magazine.com

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"A note on Doc Bud's High Brix soil kit.

This method has brought a revolution to my grow. I have grown now for several decades and if there is ONE thing I could recommend to any grower, it is that they try Doc's kit. With DocBud's kit I have increased trichome content, weight, potency, terpene complexity and level, drought and disease resistance, and general overall funky stanky OMG this bud is killing me level.

If you haven't tried it, now is the time! I cannot stress how much it will give you freedom to work on your grow. Freedom from a pH meter, freedom from mixing tons of chemicals. Freedom to personalize the kit to your needs. It is a revelation and I cannot begin to thank DocBud for the difference it has made in my grow."

SweetSue - 6/1/2017, 420magazine.com

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"Doc's kit is like living organic soil on speed.  I started my journey with Clackamas Coots-style LOS, a soil that definitely grows some of the best high brix with the least amount of effort you can choose. Then someone gifted me Doc's kit. It was like the universe stepped forward and said "Susan, stop working so hard at it. Here, have even more fun."

The high brix Doc's kit produces is consistently superior in every way to any method I've tried so far. The ash residue is always white, the terpene expression always more pronounced. The CAT is one of the big features. Doc has figured out how to keep the plants right at the sweet spot from beginning to end, but the CAT, and the way it flips the energy in the soil community, unlocking the nutrients necessary for the best oil production at the right time is the greatest bonus of the system, IMO. 

The community of cultivators surrounding Doc on this site brainstorm the hell out of every nuiance of the kit, pushing it to greater heights of performance. It's really a wonder to be part of, all those dedicated and curious brains with little or no ego shoving its way into the mix. Sure, they're a little manic sometimes in their devotion to the man, but by God, he's made our lives so much easier most of us would walk through a wall for him. He not only made it reliable and consistent in results, he kept it affordable and he has the fastest delivery I've seen next to Amazon. He's not fooling around in his dream to change the way we grow. His desciples are devoted enough to push the agenda and set ego aside for the driving interest to grow the best damn cannabis on the planet and help our neighbors do the same. 

Yeah......we do get passionate, don't we?

DrZiggy - 3/7/2015, 420magazine.com

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"What about The Kit? Well, Its Magical! 
Its for beginners, experts, whoever! 

..Whoever wants to grow amazing nutrient dense plants (kit is not just for weed)with an extremely low stress and reproducable system that requires little money down, little time, little effort and grows amazing results??
Well I do! 

Im now on my 4th grow. I only started a year ago, and this is my first journal. 
This is presently my third grow with HB soil and Doc's kit.

I was in middle of a grow with soil and nutes, (results were avr for 1st grow) 
Looking for a rake..
..when I discovered Doc Buds posts.. Well, It made and makes sense to do what Nature intended..

As Doc says, "Minerals, Mycos, and Magic!""