Doc Bud's

8 oz / 1 Qt / 1 Gal

This product is mostly inert matter derived from naturally occurring deposits of humates that are rich in rock digesting microbes.  We make no claims regarding the presence or performance of these microbes.

In addition to the 98% inert matter,  the product also contains a small amount of potassium, nitrate and ammoniacal nitrogen, and phosphate.

Application: Doc Bud's High Brix Tea is "served" with each feeding at the rate of 1 tsp. into 5 gallons of water/water-drench, apply to root zone until plants are hydrated. (2.5 miligrams per 6 plants or 30 square feet of garden.) A little goes a long way!

This our High Brix version of a "Tea" used by most organic gardeners.