What is DocBud's High Brix Blend?

DocBud's High Brix Blend, or "the Kit", as some have come to call it is the only fertilizer system on the market that specifically targets increasing nutrient-density as it's goal.


About the Kit

Our product is a start-to-finish kit designed to produce nutrient dense, or “high brix”, cannabis. It contains dry treatments, foliar sprays, and root drenches that act together as a system, truly standing in a category of their own on the market.  

When you order the full kit you'll receive a suite of products for use during your next grow. You'll need to purchase the base soil and any needed garden supplies separately, but you can view our recommendations at these pages:

We also provide full support on all of our products right here on this site for your reference.  Check out the Product Manuals section for specific information (including instructions) on each product.

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