The BULK "Kit" - DocBud's High Brix Blend

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The BULK "Kit" - DocBud's High Brix Blend


For an at-home solution for growing the most vigorous plants on earth, right in your own home or yard, look no further than DocBud's High Brix Blend.

The Kit includes: 

1 Quart Brix, 1 Quart De-Stress, 1 Quart Cat-Drench, 1 Quart Tea, 1 Quart Growth Ionic Drench, 1 Quart Transplant;  3lbs of Roots!, and 4 lbs of Re-Charge and 5 lbs of First Run amendment. 

The BULK kit is for those who know they've found their preferred way of gardening; why spend more buying small bottles? 

Included is everything you'll need, minus the Earthworm Castings and Pro Mix to grow 168 gallons of 'cooked' high brix soil.  


The gardener will need the following:

(4)      3.8 cu ft bales of ProMix HP myco, or Sunshine #4 or Promix BX myco. Perlite can be added to the BX in order increase porosity for indoor growing.

(4)      20-40 pound bags of organic worm castings that show an NPK of zero K. (1-1-0)

A proper growing environment, basic gardening skills, enough pots for 168 gallons of soil, and a sprayer capable of putting out a fine spray.


All drenches, "Minerals, Microbes, and Magic™" are included in the kit.  Please note:  At this time the kit is designed for Promix HP Myco and Sunshine #4 (without coco) only!

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