"The Kit" - DocBud's High Brix Blend

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"The Kit" - DocBud's High Brix Blend


For an at-home solution for growing the most vigorous plants on earth, right in your own home or yard, look no further than DocBud's High Brix Blend.

The Kit includes: 

  • 8 oz Brix
  • 8 oz De-Stress
  • 4 oz Cat-Drench
  • 4 oz Tea
  • 8 oz Growth Ionic Drench
  • 8 oz Transplant
  • 8 oz Roots!
  • 20 oz First Run Amendment
  • 16 oz Re-Charge Amendment
  • The Kit includes all instructions and is designed for use with 42 gallons of soil.  We like using 6, 7-gallon pots for growing.


The gardener will need the following:

3.8 cu ft bale of ProMix HP myco, or Sunshine #4 or Promix BX myco. Perlite can be added to the BX in order increase porosity for indoor growing.

20-40 pounds of organic worm castings that show an NPK of zero K. (1-1-0)

A proper growing environment, basic gardening skills, six, 7-gallon pots six 1-gallon pots and a sprayer capable of putting out a fine spray.


All drenches, " Minerals, Microbes, and Magic™ " are included in the kit. 

Please note:  At this time the kit is designed for Promix HP Myco and Sunshine #4 (without coco) only!

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