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1 LB / 3 LBS

Doc Bud's High-Brix Roots! is a powerful microbial inoculant that will have your transplants singing and transitioning from container to container without skipping a beat. Works with seeds, transplants, and around existing plants young and old.

Application:   1 Tablespoon per transplant/cutting sprinkled in/around the hole works well for most plants.  It’s also used when sowing seeds in soil--simply dust the bottom of the hole before planting seeds.  In all applications, water with Doc Bud's High-Brix Transplant (at 1/4 strength) for the first application of Roots!

Note: More Roots! may be used when transplanting and transitioning from the Veg to Flower.  Even-coverage is more important than simply using more amendment!

Our versatile Roots! rock powder can be used by all living soil gardeners, not just High-Brix growers.  We believe it is the best rock-dust product on the market.

Tomatoes, squash, berries, and herbs ALL benefit from the use of this product.

For use in all living organic soils and super soils.