Creating an indoor growing environment can expand your growing capabilities by harnessing the ability to control the growing environment. 


When getting started indoors, the single biggest factor is achieving the right environment. For us, a perfect environment means 68* F low (nighttime) temps, and 78-80* F high (daytime) temps. Ideally, relative humidity should be kept between 55-65% during the plant's vegetative growth cycle, and 45-55% while flowering, day and night. These are target numbers for an ideal cannabis growing environment--get anywhere close to these and your plants will thank you with a picturesque, bountiful harvest.


  • There are tons of of tent options available. You'll need to do a little bit of research to decide on the right size and options for your indoor arrangement.


  • Get yourself a decent set of lights (we've used HID and LED, and today use mostly LEDs). In terms of lights, and power--the bigger the better. We're competing with the sun here!


  • One of each per plant:

    • 1-Gallon

    • 7-Gallon

Fan with Carbon Filter

  • Again, many options. These are usually outside, but can be inside or outside the tent based on the configuration of the filter.

  • This fan will draw air out of the tent, with ventilation panels acting as air intakes.

Circulating Fan(s)

  • A simple small fan, placed inside the tent to promote airflow. Oscillation is only necessary for walk-in sized tents.

AC / Dehumidifier (or both!)

  • If you don't have central A/C, you may want to consider installing a room A/C unit in proximity to your grow. Depending on your environment, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier for the tent as well.

Co2 Enriching Device

  • Enriching your indoor growing environment with Co2 is an excellent way to get more out of everything you’re likely already doing.  We won't list the widely known and accepted benefits of Co2 enrichment here - at least not yet.  For now, we recommend ExHale to get you started.


  • Understanding the temperature and humidity patterns in your growing environment is priority #1.  We like using 2-3 thermo/hydrometers placed around the tent to get a good idea of what’s going on at the light level, at the canopy level, and at the soil level. 

    In reality, the majority of growing issues we address and hear from people can be corrected by adjusting their environment. Know what’s happening in your grow! The AcuRite is quite common, and is a fine choice for any grow.