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Doc Bud's

8 oz / 1 Qt / 1 Gal

Helps clean leaves and strengthens plants. Generally used in preparation against mites, thrips, aphids, gnats, ants, and more. An effective, natural plant defense indoors and out. Most people report no longer having pests once switching to Doc Bud's High Brix Blend. For those that persist or when you feel your plants need a little extra defense, this is the perfect holistic alternative. 

Leaf Wash is a mix of 3 oils: Neem, Orange, and Karanja, with phosphoric acid dissolved into our Doc Bud's Transplant base. 

Application: Used mainly as a pre-bloom wash, mix 1/4 oz. Leaf Wash into a quart of water, then spray every single inch of the plant from leaf to stem.  Unlike other Foliar Sprays where we want our spray to come out a fine mist, Leaf Wash works best when sprayed hard enough to dislodge mites, kill them, etc. 

This product can be used by all gardeners, not just High Brix gardeners.

Try it once and your plants will thank you forever.