The parts that form The Kit

DocBud’s High Brix Blend is a growing system specifically designed to produce nutrient-dense, or “high brix” cannabis.  It contains dry treatments, foliar sprays, root drenches, and all the knowledge and methods necessary for any gardener with basic skills to produce connoisseur quality cannabis at home.


Dry Treatments

Foundational to our nutrient-dense growing program is a highly mineralized soil.  Our dry treatments have been very carefully created to work with specific soils, helping those soils achieve an optimal high-brix “balance”.

Brix Foliar Spray

Foliar Sprays

Foliar Sprays are how we feed the roots of the plant.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but when the stomata on our plants’ leaves absorb nutrition from a foliar spray, the good stuff gets sent down to the roots.

Transplant Root Drench

Root Drenches

Root Drenches are how we feed the soil.  It’s important to understand that while our goal is high brix produce, we feed the soil, not the plant. When we nurture a mineralized soil with the appropriate root drenches, incredible results can be expected.