Preparing Your Soil

To use The Kit off-the-shelf, you'll need to purchase base soil and earthworm castings.  Our products work best when used with either Sunshine #4 or Promix Hp (both typically available at your local home or gardening store) and 30 pounds of earthworm castings with no added Potassium (we recommend Unco). You'll also want something to mix all your soil and amendments--a simple tarp works well.


Getting Started

To prepare the soil, we like to lay out a large (10x10 or, larger) tarp in a clean, open space indoors like a garage or basement. 

With the tarp layed out, dump your bag of soil, Earthworm Castings, and our First Run Amendement into the center of the pile and mix thoroughly. Ideally, any and all “chunks” of soil are broken up for consistency throughout your soil.  

Once thoroughly mixed, put the soil into one or more clean containers (an old trash can with a lid works great!) and "cook" by watering in with 3-5 gallons of water, and letting sit (off the ground or insulated on the bottom) for a minimum of 30 days indoors or in a temperate environment. If you live in a dry environment, you may need to add a gallon or two of water over the course of those 30 days to keep the soil moist.

Temps should be no lower than 62 degrees and no higher than 85 degrees. Lower temps tend to take another week or so to "cook", while higher temps might be ready sooner. Generally speaking, 1 month works well.

Once the soil has cooked, it's now time to plant.


The above soil has been cooked 30 days and is ready for planting.