Generally speaking, the higher side of the feeding schedules work better than the lower side (when in doubt add more of anything.) If you know your crop and know it is a “light feeder” start on the low side. If you know your crop is robust and likes to gobble up nutrition, start on the heavy side. All recommendations can be safely doubled, even tripled without burning the plants, but doing so often results in no obvious benefit to plant health. Exceptions are one-time applications of Rescue and Super drenches.

The Kit gives the best results after one or two attempts. Please pay close attention to the product descriptions and the actual results from using the products and their effects on the plants. Over time, these observations will “sink in” to the gardener's psyche and intellect and will help produce the “green thumb” that we all desire.

Doc Bud's High-Brix blend is not meant to be dogmatic or narrow in application! We all depend on experimentation and creativity in order to progress. High-Brix soil can be viewed as a properly tuned musical instrument, the drenches and sprays and the simple “alternation” of drenches can be viewed as the first two or three songs learned by a student. Obviously, we don't want to stop there!

Learn the products, get familiar with their smell, pay close attention to the effect they have on the plants and let it all sink in. Try different things; don't be afraid to add small amounts of this or that to the soil (key word SMALL)  and feel free to give your produce your own signature.