Dry Treatments

Foundational to any nutrient-dense growing program is a highly mineralized soil.  Our dry treatments have been very carefully created to work with specific soils, helping those soils achieve a high-brix “balance” of about 18 times the ratio of Ca to K, and Ca to P.


Dry Treatments are mixed into your soil prior to planting or transplanting. See The Soil for more details.


Our Dry Treatments are unique because they work as a part of a system.  The system has the goal of producing cannabis with the highest brix reading possible.  This *objectively-measurable* goal gives us the advantage of being able to optimize fertilizers and methods for what we consider to be the easiest and most consistent system for producing nutrient-dense cannabis. Most organic cannabis rarely measures above 12 on an objective brix scale. Using DBHBB, growers often achieve Brix levels of 14 or 15 on their first run. Experts report numbers in the 18-21 range.

Check out our Science for Stoners section for more information on Brix and the effects of nutrient density on the quality of cannabis.

*Many growers report preferring the effects of nutrient-dense cannabis, and describe it as both ‘softer’ and ‘fuller’.* Try growing the same strain side-by-side and see which you prefer!

Already have soil? Planting in a raised bed? We also provide Customized Dry Treatments to match Your Native Soil! Please contact us to learn more.



Roots! is a powerful microbial inoculate that will have your seeds, plants, and transplants singing and transitioning from container to container without skipping a beat.

First Run

Get your soil started off correctly with First Run. This product has been specially formulated for use with Sunshine #4 and Promix HP Mycorrhizae, and builds the mineralized foundation your plants crave. Check your local garden supply store.




Essential for soil recycling/re-use. This product provides up to 6 applications of Recharge soil amendment. As the plants grow and develop, minerals are depleted from the soil. Recharge those minerals!

Third Run

After two complete cycles, the soil's mineral balance has changed. Third Run Amendment is the result of extensive testing, and addresses all mineral depletion occurring after the first 2 cycles. Not to be used along with our regular Recharge.