Root Drenches

Alternate drenches throughout the grow cycle.  When first learning how to use the products, the recommended feed schedule is: Growth Ionic Drench----water----Transplant Drench-----water------Growth Ionic Drench-----water.  Once familiar with how things work, variations on that theme are often just the thing to take your strain/results to the "next level."

Root Drenches are how we feed the soil.  It’s important to understand that while our goal is high brix produce--with these products we feed the soil, not the plant.  When we nurture a mineralized soil with juuuust the right do-si-do of root drenches, something special happens. Our drenches are mixed with water and distributed into the soil--whether by traditional top-down watering, irrigating, or ‘dunking’ (our preference when container growing).

In High Brix growing, drenches do far more than feed the plant. They signal the plant to grow or re-produce, and they keep the biology in the soil happy and productive. This is where the "magic" happens!


Tea: All drenches are "served" with 2-3 milTea, with two exceptions: The Super Drench and the Rescue Drench**

Growth Ionic Drench: This is where strong stems and healthy leaves come from. It is also used during the latter half of the bloom cycle to bulk up fruit and flowers. Mix with enough water to hydrate the soil, at .5 to 1.0 mil per gallon of soil in the container.

Stronger doses can be used if needed, but generally that just wastes product. 

Alternate Growth Ionic Drench with Transplant throughout the grow cycle, veg to bloom.

**Pro-Tip: Finishing the growing cycle on Growth Ionic Drench often results in sweeter tasting and smelling produce.**

Transplant Drench Should be used when transplanting, during the veg phase and throughout the bloom phase alternating with Growth Ionic Drench. Like all other drenches, it is used at .5 to 1 mil per gallon of soil.

Notably, some growers have found that essential oil and resin production can be increased by using 1/4 oz of Transplant per 5 gallons of water evenly distributed to every plant with each and every watering....whether that's with a drench OR with just plain water.  Please note, this does not mean ¼ oz TO EVERY PLANT, but 1/4 oz into 5 gallons of water.  


Please take note that some strains often require higher doses than 1 mil per gallon of soil.  If the plants seem underfed, don't be afraid to increase or even double Growth Ionic or Transplant drenches, especially if dunking the plants in veg.

Cationic Drench: Used when buds set (typically the 3rd week of flower) and strongly reproductive in effect, Cationic Drench flips the ionic charge in the soil.  The roots respond, absorbing nutrients at a critical time in the plant's life-cycle.  Used at the proper time, something really, really good happens.   Most people call it a blizzard.

While it is mixed at the same rate as the other drenches--.5 to 1 mil per gallon of soil in the container--it differs from the other drenches in that it is used twice in a row consecutively,  with no water in between applications.

**Some users report that using Cat Drench late in bloom may increase certain flavors and smells, but often results in a more "pungent" aroma in produce.**  

Rescue Drench:

If the plants seem weak and need a boost---almost never happens unless you made a mistake or there has been some environmental issue or circumstances beyond your control---try this:

1 oz. Transplant per gallon of water with 6 mils of Tea. Feed a solution with this composition to all the plants. It will re-colonize the roots and get things back on track. Do not do this if you aren't having any problems!

Super Drench:

1 Cup (yes 8 oz) of Transplant plus 10 mils Tea per 5 gallons of water. Give each plant 1 gallon of this.



All drenches are mixed at .5 to 1.0 mil per gallon of soil in the container (1.5 TSP per 7 gallon container).  For raised beds and hose-end sprayers,  use 1 to 3 oz per 30 square feet of space.  Stronger applications can be applied without harm for “heavy feeders”.  

When dunking the plants in the vegetative phase (or if you're fortunate enough to be able to dunk them in bloom) mix everything at double strength or even higher.

Water with filtered water plus 1/4 strength Transplant between drenches except for the Cat Drench, which gets 2 (or more, for longer-flowering varieties) consecutive drenches.