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Doc Bud's
De-Stress foliar spray

8 oz / 1 Qt / 1 Gal

This product helps plants heal and deal with stress while providing a broad spectrum of trace minerals.

Invigorates greenery and encourages nutrient density.

Naturally promotes new plant growth, increased strength, and vigor.

Reduces transplant shock.

Suitable for use by any organic, super soil, or hydroponic gardeners.

Application: This can be sprayed 1-2 times per week when there are signs of plant stress. Spraying the underside of the plant's leaves. Spraying is best done in the morning (or just before lights-on.)  If the plants look "perfect" there is no reason to spray with De-Stress.

Pro Tip: Mixed at 50% strength, it helps our High Brix clones root much faster. 

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